Bridging the Gap – Community Music and Community Opera


Bridging the Gap – Community Music and Community Opera

International Conference

Relatori Lee Higgins, International Center for Community Music, York, S. John University(UK), Emily Achieng’ Akuno – President of International Society for Music Education – ISME Michele Biasutti, Università di Padova, past president Società Italiana di Educazione Musicale – SIEM; Dinko Fabris, Università della Basilicata, past President International Musicological Society – IMS; François Matarasso, Community artist, researcher; Jane Davidson, Director of Education & Outreach, Scottish Opera, Glasgow

Data 26 ott 2021 – 10:00 27 ott 2021 – 19:00



The conference is dedicated to Community Music, a field of practice thatprovides a natural site for (musical) experiences to bring about socio-culturalchange. Community Music is a relatively new academic field in Italy, and withthis symposium we would like to continue the discussion on the merits of CM.Both international and Italian speakers will present their research findingsand show how CM promotes inclusion, integration and democratic educationthrough participation in informal, non-formal and formal musical contexts. CMis evolving internationally, becoming stronger and resonating in differentcontexts, including in Italy. This symposium will provide an importantopportunity for international networking, learning from each other andsuccessfully transferring new experiences to our own national musicallandscape. The conference will also host the first discussion in Italy on thetopic of “Community Opera”. Just as there is still no cleardefinition of “Community Music”, there is also no clear definition of”Community Opera”. And just like Community Music, Community Opera isstill in its infancy to be recognized as a subject of academic studies. Operais the most complex and expensive form of performance invented in Europe morethan four centuries ago. Since then, it has always been closely linked to thecommunities for which it was produced, at different social levels. But evenbefore the 2020-21 pandemic, the traditional “opera” model was indeep crisis. Opera houses, companies, organizers, and artists began experimentsand projects to rethink new models and meanings of opera in communities.Through the participation of experts and the presentation of case studies,Community Opera will be considered from a variety of perspectives: as anartistic practice, as a model for integrating opera and music into cultural andsocial welfare, and as fertile ground for testing new methods for measuring theimpact of classical music on affected communities. Discussions will alsohighlight existing literature and resources to support the future developmentof community opera.

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The conference will be held both in presence (only with green pass) in room 1.15 and 1.16 and online @ this link.

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